Workout Equipment

Workout Equipment


As you probably know, the majority of my workouts can be performed without the need for any workout equipment but there are a few items I use both with my clients and in my own training sessions that I highly recommend for people who want to make their own sessions more efficient.


GYMboss Interval Timer


The Gymboss Interval Timer is one of my favorite pieces of kit and I probably use this more than any other item of equipment whether I’m doing my own circuits or taking a group session. It is basically a glorified stop-watch which can be set to define periods of activity and rest during interval and circuit training. It clips easily onto your clothing and beeps or vibrates to alert you to the start and end of each time segment, leaving you free to push hard without having to keep checking and resetting the clock.




This timer can be used for practically any type of training, has multiple funtions and is shock and water resistant, which is very handy!


Visit the Gymboss Interval Timer website to find out more or to get one ordered.


I’ll be adding more equipment recommendations shortly.


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