Quick Weight Loss Tips

Quick Weight Loss Tips


The Holy Grail for health and fitness professionals around the world is: What is the best program for quick weight loss?


I can tell you without any doubt, quick weight loss 101 is that you cannot out-train a bad diet. I’ll let that sink in…… no matter what sort of training you are doing, if you are still shoveling high fat, high sugar processed foods into your mouth you will not see quick weight loss.


Quality nutrition is vitally important!


That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to stop eating treat foods and switch to a full organic, high protein, leafy greens only, almost monk-like existence to lose weight.


By making a few small but important changes anyone can lose weight quickly but safely and most importantly for the long term.


For complimentary exercises go to the side menu and click the ‘Exercises to lose weight quickly’ icon (coming soon). For my quick weight loss tips please read on.


Here Are My 7 Quick Weight Loss Tips


 1. Serve your meals on a smaller plate. Simply swap your usual dinner plate for a smaller side or desert plate. Your portions will automatically reduce to a more acceptable size.

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 2. Eat more protein at breakfast. By including some protein at breakfast (10 – 30g), you moderate your body’s insulin response which slows down fat storage and keeps you in a neutral to fat burning zone. The extra protein also makes you feel fuller for longer.


Good protein sources at breakfast are: Whey protein powders, eggs, lean meats, low fat cheeses and even peanut butter. I tend to rotate the protein sources each day, for example I may have a couple of boiled eggs one morning and then a protein shake the next. It also stops you from getting bored with the same foods and provides the body with different proteins over the week.


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3. No quick weight loss tips would be complete without adequate hydration. Drink 300mls of water per 10kg bodyweight daily. Thirst is very often mistaken for hunger so do your body a favor and drink clean fresh water every day. It will reduce your food intake as well as helping with digestion and overall wellbeing.





4. As Adelle Davis said “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”. Eat big early in the day when your body needs the calories and reduce your intake towards bedtime. If you aren’t going to use the calories, your body will store them. This one tip alone has helped many of my clients drop weight.

5. Don’t starve yourself for quick weight loss. Reducing calorie intake to a super low level results in not only fat loss but also muscle loss. Loss of muscle reduces your metabolic rate which in turn means you’ll be burning less calories each minute. If calories are reduced enough the body goes into starvation mode and starts to hold onto fat stores as a survival tactic.


The best and most effective quick weight loss is achieved through moderating intake and switching to less processed foods. Exercise plays a pivotal role in holding onto muscle and ensuring that the muscles will be fit and toned.


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6. Eat less processed foods. Processed foods are made in a factory and bear little resemblance to anything in nature. The quality of ingredients is low and it is these ingredients that will be used by your body to make new cells, bones, skin and muscle. Rubbish in equals rubbish out.


Processed foods are also very easy to digest as they contain low levels of both fiber and quality protein and usually high levels of fat and sugar. Any switch you can make from a processed to an unprocessed food will have a positive effect on your body. Some easy switches include a lean steak instead of a sausage, real fruit instead of fruit juice and nuts instead of potato chips.




7. Don’t weigh yourself every day. The human body has natural hormone cycles and, especially in women, can lead to increases in weight for no apparent reason. I recommend my female clients only weigh themselves once a month at the same point of their menstrual cycle. By doing so we can confidently compare results without having natural cycles affecting them. For my male clients I also like to use monthly weigh-ins although it isn’t as crucial.

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Well there you have them, seven quick weight loss tips that have helped my clients and that will help you get to your quick weight loss goals.


Before using any of these quick weight loss tips it is important to know whether you even need to lose weight and if you do, how much?…… Essentially, what is your ideal weight?

Body types, shapes and composition differ considerably as do ideal weights.


Click here to find out how healthy your body weight is right now using some useful techniques.


In addition to these simple weight loss tips, a program of exercise is essential to the sustained success of any fitness or weight loss regime. Here are some fantastic exercises to help you lose weight quickly.


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