Lose Belly Fat Fast

Who doesn’t want to lose belly fat fast?


At least once a week a member of my gym comes up to me, grabs a handful of their belly fat, wiggles it up and down and asks what can they do to lose belly fat fast!


It’s an amusing mental picture but one that has a dark side. Large waist measurements correlate with an increased risk of chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes.


Losing belly fat and, as a consequence, looking great in a swimsuit increases your chances of leading a long and healthy life. How great is that?!


Lose Belly Fat Fast

The number one cause of stomach fat is overeating the wrong foods. There may be some cases where hormonal imbalances contribute to a large waistline but the majority of people can get lean by eating the right foods at the right times.


On this page I’ll share my favorite tips to help you lose belly fat fast but to really make a difference you’ll need to implement my ‘seven quick weight loss tips’ and add some simple but brutally effective routines to burn stomach fat. You’ll find links to these at the bottom of this page.


You have total control of what you eat and drink, you also have total control of what exercise you do. Just think about that for a moment……. You have absolute control over those two things. You can change your life by simply using willpower.


It doesn’t take massive changes to get massive results long-term. Small consistent changes will transform your body and your life.


Here are my 5 top tips on how to lose belly fat fast:


1 – Remove as much added sugar as you can from your diet.

Teaspoon of Sugar - Lose Belly Fat Fast

Sugar stimulates the hormone insulin. This is good in small quantities but when you are consistently eating high-sugar sweets and sodas throughout the day your body will store fat and in the long term possibly develop diabetes. You need to remove as many high-sugar processed foods as possible. If you absolutely need a treat food, eat it straight after exercising when your body needs calories most.





2 –  Avoid alcohol.

Lose Belly Fat Fast - Bottle of WineDrinking alcohol destroys your motivation to exercise the next morning and provides the body with hundreds of empty liquid calories. The body cannot use all the calories at once so stores them in your fat cells. Another big problem with increased alcohol use is the poor food choices that usually accompany a few drinks. That fatty lamb kebab is not going to help in your quest for belly fat loss!


3 – Eat as much unprocessed food as you can.

Lose Belly Fat Fast - Oats



Remove as many processed foods as you can from your diet. That means shopping from the outside walls of the supermarket and not buying packet or tinned food. Include as much fresh fruit and vegetables as possible and reduce your consumption of pastries, pies, ready meals, packet breakfast cereals and confectionary.



4 – Complete at least 2 high-intensity interval training sessions per week.

Don’t get scared. It is relative, so if high-intensity for you is walking then just walk but include some short hills. You need to stimulate your body into changing and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the best drivers of fat loss I have ever seen. You do not need to exercise for hours on end unless you like being injured. Doing short but intense exercise is often more effective over the long-term.

Lose Belly Fat Fast


I will be adding a whole section dedicated to high-intensity training very soon, so you will be able to select the HIIT program that suits your situation. <em>Sign up to my RSS feed or join me on Facebook or Twitter to stay up-to-date with the new additions to the site.</em>


5 – Set massive goals but make small realistic changes that you can do today to help move towards your big goal.


Yes, you could become a vegan and yes, you could exercise every day but realistically will you do those things consistently over time? Time and again I have seen clients get amazing and sustainable results by committing only to changes that are seemingly small but realistic.

Lose Belly Fat FastIf you have a high workload and think you can only fit in two sessions of exercise a week then put those two sessions in your diary and stick to them. If you had scheduled four sessions and could only do two then you set yourself up for an endless round of missing your goals.

Set yourself a big goal and make it quantifiable. Losing weight isn’t a good goal but losing 4 dress sizes or dropping your waist measurement by 6 inches is a great and quantifiable goal. Once you have that big goal defined then decide what you will do today to start moving forward. It could be only drinking alcohol on the weekends or committing to 2 HIIT sessions a week or even something as small as going for a walk once a week.


Action has power. The important thing is that you do something, planning is great but only doing will make your dreams a reality.


So there you have it, my master plan to lose belly fat fast. <strong>Diet, exercise and goals</strong>.


If you follow the plan not only will your friends comment on your amazing transformation but you’ll also be laying the foundations for a long and healthy life.


Start today, you owe it to yourself.

Remember those links I mentioned earlier to step it up a gear? Here they are. Seven quick weight loss tips and those trusty and effective exercises to lose weight quickly.