Exercises To Lose Weight Quickly

Exercises To Lose Weight Quickly


The key with exercises to lose weight quickly is choosing patterns that move the maximum amount of muscle. Muscles require calories to fuel their movement so moving lots of muscles requires lots of calories. Also, moving big muscles stimulates hormones more than moving small muscles.


Exercises To Lose Weight Quickly Exercises To Lose Weight Quickly Exercises To Lose Weight Quickly Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly


You wont find ab crunches and calf raises in this program, like I said above, you need to be moving the bum muscles, leg muscles and using both the upper and lower body simultaneously.


I have also included cardio movements to burn even more calories.


There’s no point using light weights for these circuits, we need the body to be challenged, so you need to use a weight that is heavy enough to only just allow you to complete the required number of repetitions.


Okay, let’s get into it!


Warm Up


You need to warm up first so go for a light jog or walk (3mins) followed by bodyweight squats and push-ups for 30 seconds each. Repeat twice.


Beginner Circuits


Circuit 1 – Squat with dumbbell shoulder press followed by a run or walk.


Circuit 2 – Forward lunge with dumbbell curl followed by mountain climbers.


Advanced Circuits


Circuit 1 – Man maker followed by incline run.


Circuit 2 – Lunge with one arm dumbbell shoulder press followed by quick step-ups.


A Motivational Nudge


You have no excuses. Only your attitude is stopping you from getting the body you desire.


Stop telling yourself you will act tomorrow or next week. Stop telling yourself you’ll finish off a packet of candy before your diet starts.


Now is the time. I’ve just shared some great exercises to lose weight quickly and my pages on quick weight loss tips and  how to lose belly fat fast will give you the simple actions to smash body fat and finally make progress towards the body you’ve always dreamed of.


Before starting a program it is advisable to know how much weight you need to lose and how healthy your current bodyweight is. You can use these useful techniques to assess your body weight.