Circuit Training At Home

Circuit Training At Home

Short on time but big on energy?


Looking for routines to do your circuit training at home?


Let’s get straight into the workout, you’ll only need a set of dumbbells or something heavy to hold (house bricks, books, your dog) and a watch or timer.


Circuit Training At Home Routine


AMRAP stands for ‘As Many Reps As Possible’. You should be working really hard so pump out as many reps as you can, record the number and try and beat it on the next set. Move from one exercise to the other with no rest, only rest at the end of the set.


Equipment required  РDumbells and a GYMboss or watch.

Time required – 12 minutes.

Difficulty – 7.5/10.


DB Squat press – AMRAP – 45 seconds

Push-ups – AMRAP – 45 seconds

Bicycle crunches – AMRAP – 45 seconds

Rest 45 seconds and repeat 4 times


Form Guide


Dumbbell Squat Press


Take moderate weight DBs and hold at shoulder height with palms facing towards each other. Squat as deep as you can before standing up and pressing the DBs overhead in one fluid movement.

Circuit Training At Home Circuit Training At Home Circuit Training At Home




Assume the classic push-up position. Keep the body as straight as possible as you bend the arms until the chest is fist height from the ground. Return to the start position.


Circuit Training At Home Circuit Training At Home

Bicycle Crunch


Lie on your back with bent legs up at 90 degrees and hands to either side of the head (not clasped). Move opposite elbows and knees close to each other and extend the other leg out, repeat with the opposite limbs.

Circuit Training At Home Circuit Training At Home


Now you’ve tried circuit training at home it’s time to lift the intensity by doing my Fat Burning Circuit Training Routines. For more advice on losing weight and burning fat check out my 7 Quick Weight Loss Tips.


Okay, time to stop reading and start doing…. Do the workout and let me know your thoughts.


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