Bodyweight Workouts

Bodyweight Workouts


No equipment, no worries.


Bodyweight workouts are fantastic because they are simple and can be performed almost anywhere.


Most bodyweight exercises are functional, multi-joint and multi-muscle movements that will benefit everybody from elite athletes to average Joes looking to lose some body fat. The movements help keep the body in balance because no single muscle is being isolated which can lead to muscle imbalances and eventual injury.


I will provide you with safe and athletic movements that will improve not only your waistline but also your ability to perform every-day tasks like lifting shopping bags, playing with the kids, gardening or keeping your other half interested….


The key to all bodyweight programs is to perform them at high intensity. Muscles need to be under constant tension and rest periods need to be small so the high heart rate and lactic acid build up (the burning in working muscles) can rip through calories and stimulate the body to release testosterone and growth hormone. These are the fuels the body uses to metabolise fat and build muscle.


High intensity exercise leads to high intensity fat burning and muscle toning. For that reason all my bodyweight workouts use either high rep counts or a one-minute timed interval.


My preferred interval timer is the GYMBOSS, quite simply the best interval timer on the market.


Even though there is little resistance in the programs a thorough warm-up is a necessity and should mimic the movements of the program. The warm-ups are all included on our done-for-you workouts so please do your body a favour and make sure it is properly prepared for vigorous exercise.


As always, keep that fresh water handy and drink frequently. Clean, fresh, plain water is your friend and, no, that guava and elderflower vitamin water is not the same!


Check out our workouts below.


Bodyweight Circuit


Try this comprehensive bodyweight circuit to get yourself started.


Bodyweight Workouts - Prisoner Squats Bodyweight Workouts - Mountain Climbers Bodyweight Workout Bodyweight Workout

Burpee Ladder Challenge


There’s only one word to describe this… Ouch!


This is a truly brutal workout and the ultimate bodyweight cardio test. Take the challenge and don’t forget to let me know your best time!



Bodyweight Workout - Burpee Bodyweight Workout Bodyweight Workouts - Burpee Bodyweight Workout - Burpee Jump