Bodyweight Circuit Training

Bodyweight Circuit Training


You don’t need lots of fancy equipment to workout.


Simple bodyweight circuit training can be performed almost anywhere, uses only your own body weight and takes a matter of minutes.


Remember, it isn’t necessarily the number of reps or the exercises that determine your results – intensity is the determining factor in your success. Crank up the intensity and watch your health and fitness reach new levels.


You will make no progress with lame excuses and intermittent effort. If you are struggling to find the time and motivation to workout you need to simplify your training, make it intense and commit to just two sessions a week. Start small and gradually work in another session in the future.


The workout below is a great introduction to bodyweight circuit training. Feel free to add in other bodyweight exercises like lunges and dips to ramp up the difficulty.



Bodyweight Circuit Training Workout – Travelling Burpees, Push-ups and Frog Squats


Equipment required – 10 meter space

Time required – 15 minutes

Difficulty – 8/10


Once you are warmed up, perform a burpee and when jumping up also jump forward. Start next burpee in the new position, repeat until you have moved approx 10 meters forward.


Return to the start by performing traveling side push-ups. Once at the start position, jump up and perform 30 frog squats as quick as possible.

Rest for 20 seconds and repeat for a total of 5-10 times depending upon your fitness.


Form Guide


Travelling Burpees



Bodyweight Circuit Training Bodyweight Circuit Training Bodyweight Circuit Training

Travelling Push-Ups


Assume the classic push-up position, perform a full push-up. Move sideways by simultaneously bringing the right hand close to the left hand and moving the left leg to the left. You can now either perform a close grip push-up or move hands and legs again to the classic push-up position. Perform a full push-up and repeat until you have traveled the required distance.

Bodyweight Circuit Training Bodyweight Circuit Training

Bodyweight Circuit Training Bodyweight Circuit Training

 Frog Squats


With slightly bent knees, rest your elbows on your thighs and put hands in a prayer position. Keeping elbows in contact with the legs squat down until thighs are at least parallel to the ground. Looks easy but it isn’t after 20 seconds!



Bodyweight Circuit Training Bodyweight Circuit Training Bodyweight Circuit Training



Once you’ve tried the bodyweight workout it’s time to increase your strength with some resistance work. Check out my killer circuit training at home routine here. If your goal is to burn bodyfat then my Fat Burning Circuit Training page is perfect, find it here.


Remember, you don’t get what you wish for, you get what you work for….


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